Kids Birthday Parties on the Cheap – Teddy Bears Picnic

With kids birthday parties getting more and more expensive, I’ve been running a series of blog posts on how to throw a fantastic party for very little cost. A children’s song  written in 1907 by John Walter Bratton has inspired many a special afternoon with our furry friends. Lyrics were added in 1932 by songwriter Jimmy Kennedy. The song is still recorded and used on children’s albums today.

You may remember having your own teddy bear picnics as a child, I know I do. There’s something magical about little cakes, cups of ‘tea’ and special sandwiches, shared with your favourite furry friend. While this is the perfect party idea if your child is born in the warmer months, you can setup a picnic anywhere inside too, just lay some rugs on the floor and include a couple of cushions to lounge on. If you wanted to go all out, buy some cheap ‘potted colour’ from Bunnings or similar, to create a gorgeous indoor garden. You can even plant these in the garden after the party is done and create your own fairy garden like I shared about yesterday.

GB46Of course, a teddy bears picnic is all the better with friends. Encourage your child’s friends to bring their own furry friend too. iliv Cards has the perfect invitation for a teddy bears picnic, making this job easy. You could even address the invitations to include the bears.

A great way to get kids involved is to help them plan the menu. You could have small sandwiches, neat ones to keep the teddy bear’s paws clean, fresh fruit, a dessert like cupcakes, and drinks.  Teddy bear biscuits or tiny teddies make the perfect snack to include.

You may also want to pre-organise some party games.  Teddy bear hide-and-seek is an interesting spin on an old favourite – one child hides all of the bears and the others try to find them. There’s also pin the bow on the teddy bear, races with teddy held between your knees, get the honey (toss cardboard bees into a black and yellow bucket – electrical tape is great for this).

You and your child can enjoy using your imaginations together when planning and hosting their picnic. With a little help, your child, their friends, and their friends’ teddy bears can enjoy an afternoon in the sun.

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