Freebie Printable – Halloween Door Printable

Do you participate in Halloween? I live in an area where there are a lot of kids, and so the first year we moved in, my kids asked to go trick or treating. It wasn’t something that I had done before in Australia, and so suggested that ‘maybe next year’, thinking that would be the end of it. Next year, they remembered and so I had to! It was a surprising night, with a whole bunch of kids, a great sense of community, and I had loads of fun, as did the kids.

When Halloween has come up in conversation with other mums, there’s been a lot of mention of ‘I wish I knew what house to go to’ or ‘They should put up a note if they want to participate’ and so here you are. If you’d like to be visited by Trick or Treaters this year, print out this sign and stick it to your front door or letterbox. I recommend placing it in a plastic pocket first to keep it dry if you’re expecting rain.

Have a great time tonight, and don’t let the ghosts and goblins catch you!


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