Kids Birthday Parties on the Cheap – The Location

Planned a kids birthday party recently? How much did you spend? Kids birthday parties can be so expensive, I found out just the other day that a popular local play centre that charges $7-11 for entry (according to age) is now charging over $21 a child for a party, which includes a small party area (not a room ┬ábut a walled off area), the usual kids party food and cordial …crazy!

If you’re wanting to throw a fantastic party, but keep your budget low, here are some ideas for a cheap or free location without skimping on quality.

Check out the local parks. Many towns have a great park with lots of extras, such as bbq’s, picnic tables, shelters and playgrounds. All you need is a couple of frisbees, a football and something to bbq and you have everything you need for a great party.

Ask around your local churches and community centres. Many of them will rent you a room cheaply, and often have children’s craft materials and activities you can use for a small fee. There are hundreds of free and cheap printables and kids activity suggestions online also.

Investigate a museum or exhibit, often they will have a discounted group entry rate, and these type of places are always much more fun in a group. You may even be able to find a factory tour that will allow children, such as a candy or chocolate manufacturer.

The perfect invitation for a kids cooking party.

The perfect invitation for a kids cooking party.

How about your own backyard? If yours is too small, maybe a friend or family member would be willing to lend you theirs. With a backyard party, you have pretty much endless choice on the theme. Some ideas could be a beach party, cooking (mini pizzas are always a hit), karaoke, or even camp in the backyard, complete with roasting marshmallows on the bbq or stovetop, with supervision of course.

When it comes down to it, kids love exploring and letting their imaginations run riot. With a little creativity, you can have a fabulous birthday party without spending tons too.

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